Tammy’s Daycare

Tammy's Daycare

Posted 3 years ago

Washington, KS

Currently seeking a compassionate, reliable, full-time or part-time child care assistant to join my thriving daycare. In this role, you will see to children’s basic needs, provide an enriching learning environment, and create a safe, compassionate “Home-Away-From-Home” for our little ones.

Submit your resume below or you can contact Tammy directly at 785-541-0048 or tamrakuehn@yahoo.com.

Extra Information:

  • Must be patient, enthusiastic, passionate for children and fun-loving.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Could be used for observation hours as required in some center and pre-school programs.
  • Perfect activity for retired individuals or someone who is currently in online schooling.
  • Volunteer hours for high schoolers applying for scholarships.
  • Starting wage is $10/hr.

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