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Washington County, Kansas is located south of the Kansas-Nebraska border and east of the 6th Principal Meridian. U.S. Highway 36 runs east and west across the county and State Highway 15 runs north and south.

Washington County is made up of twelve cities/villages; Barnes, Clifton, Greenleaf, Haddam, Hanover, Hollenberg, Linn, Mahaska, Morrowville, Palmer, Vining, and Washington, which is the county seat. There are twenty-five (25) townships in the 30 miles by 30 miles that comprise the county.

City Distance
Omaha, NE 146 Miles
Wichita, KS 162 Miles
Kansas City, MO 174 Miles
St. Louis, MO 421 Miles
Dallas, TX 523 Miles
Des Moines, IA 276 Miles
Chicago, IL 613 Miles
Oklahoma City, OK 320 Miles
Denver, CO 440 Miles
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