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Morrowville is located 2 miles north of US Hwy 36 on KS Hwy 15.  Founded in 1884, the town of Morrow was named for its founder, landowner and cattleman Cal Morrow, a state senator from 1876 to 1890.  The name Morrowville was chosen on June 7, 1884 because of the confusion with the mail going to the Brown County town of Morrill.  The population is 151.

In the City Park you will find the world’s first bulldozer, patented in 1925 by J. Earl McLeod and Jim Cummings.  A replica of the original model is displayed in Cummings Park.  The park also offers a picnic area with shelter and a playground.  A WPA water tower is located in the center of town for drive-by viewing.

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